Our Consulting Practice

BrainyMed's technical leadership team comes with over 20 years of experience in design & development of robust applications for the healthcare & life sciences domain.

Technology alone is not enough for solving the numerous problems within the industry. The BrainyMed team combines the subject matter expertise of key leaders in the healthcare field with the latest technologies to tandemly analyze, build, and implement use cases. Our methodology greatly expedites the application design process and eases the production of documentation for low level design and code translations.

Please review below for additional details related to our consulting practice.

Business Consulting

BrainyMed creates a unique business value proposition by efficiently using IT & related tools. Most of our consulting engagements start with designing business architecture before tackling the technical aspects of implementation.

The average lifecycle for business architecture is between 2-3 weeks and depending on the requirements we analyze existing applications & their functions for re-usability.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is essential to initiating implementation. Our consultants are domain and technology certified individuals with experience in establishing road-maps for infrastructure, cyber security, data management, and DevOps automation etc.

Solutions Architecture

BrainyMed's solution architects have several years of experience in design, development & testing of healthcare applications.

Our architecture consulting engagements can enable customers to produce critical artifacts such as high-level solution architecture, infrastructure designs, and support strategies for long-term planning.

Software Development & Support

We do end-to-end software development & support consulting via our rapid application delivery model.