Patient Survey

BrainyMed's Survey Platform

Our innovative team has designed & developed a SaaS based survey platform which enables medical practices or others to create, run and manage simple to complex surveys

Our state of the art easy to use survey platform can be deployed in a few hours vs weeks compared to other similar platforms.

Our survey applications have zero development time and are 100% customizable for any user needs.

Please review below to understand some of the advanced features of our Survey Platform.

Conditional Surveys

Most survey applications out there today are very static in nature. Our survey applications support conditional and dynamic workflow patterns to suit various business / process requirements

Integrated Data Analytics

Our survey platform is integrated with Data Analytics, greatly enhancing user ability to understand complex data sets and surveys

API's for Custom Applciations

BrainyMed is 100% API based, this loosely coupled architecture allows external applications to seamlessly integrate with our state of the art platform

SaaS Based Solutions

While our application is SaaS based, we do offer stand-alone deployments of our applications for smaller practices and institutions