BrainyMed Cloud

About BM Cloud

BrainyMed's team has designed & developed a cloud native software which can support variety of IT needs for small, medium & large healthcare providers

Healthcare Providers can leverage BM Cloud's out-of-the Box patient self service functions for their patients. Most of the application functionality is pre-configured and ready to go. In some instances minor customization may be needed such as branding etc.

Healthcare Providers can also leverage our out-of-the box provider engagement applications to integrate with their existing EMR, CRM, Cloud or other external / third party systems. Most of the Application functions are pre-configured and ready to go.

The following details will help you understand how to leverage our Platform & Services

Step #1

Sign-up with our Platform Services, provide your application needs/requirements (for providers and/or patients), user interface choices, and EMR provider details in some cases

Step #2

Our Cloud Team will contact and provide all the process details on how our Cloud/SaaS platform will be configured and enabled for your practice.

Step #3

Once confirmed and verified, BrainyMed's Cloud team will make required changes to customize your practice application and perform innitial testing to make sure all the functionality is as per the provider requirements

Step #4

Once all required testing & customization is completed, our Cloud team will deploy a production version of the application, followed by appropriate user training

Step #5

After deploying the application on Cloud, BrainyMed will provide full 24/7 support and maintenance