Cloud Migration

Cloud Strategy

Cloud migration and/or Native app development, propel the future of almost all businesses. Today's application delivery models are not limited by geography or time zone.

In the long run, cloud platforms allow us to conduct business by accessing authorized information at any time and from anywhere at a low cost.

Cloud Platforms

We are a cloud agnostic delivery team. Whether our customers use AWS, GCP, Azure, or any other platform, customers can rest assured that our comprehensive knowledge will bring value no matter the circumstance.

Cloud Engineering Expertise

The following are some of the Cloud technologies used at BrainyMed for Migration & Native Application development:

  • Source Code Management
  • CI / CD & DevOps via Jenkins
  • Configuration Management via Puppet, Anisible
  • Containers via Docker
  • AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Server Management
  • Digital Ocean
  • Infra As a Code