AI / ML Jumpstart

Artificial Intelligence

AI & ML strategy has become essential to organizations unilaterally.

"DATA IS THE NEW OIL", we hear this phrase commonly in today's digital world. Most organizations struggle to identify use-cases and often spend an unnecessary amount of money dissecting AI & ML strategies.

Please review below on how we can assist you in implementing the appropriate AI / ML strategy for your business or organization.

AI Discovery Workshop

BrainyMed's cognitive computing team will work closely with the customer to clearly understand various aspects of the business' day to day operations, workflows, and historical data. This information will be used as a starting point in defining AI/ML use-cases and related methodology.

We will then set up a post discovery workshop for a detailed breakdown of possible use-cases where AI / ML can be good candidates. Using our discovery analysis customers can finalize Pilot implementations before they invest on larger projects.

Identification of Technology Platforms

Based on identified use-cases and their complexity, BrainyMed's AI/ML team will provide recomendations for technologies and tools to implement Pilot project.

At BrainyMed our approach is mostly technology agnostic. We prioritize the customer's preferred platform.

Pilot Implementation

BrainyMed will assist in design, development and deployment of Pilot projects on Customers's compute environments

Production Strategy

BrainyMed's team will provide a comprehensive service related to delivering a production class AI/ML application and strategy.